The Brand

LeichtBric AAC is the product brand name of manufacturer PT Broco Aerated Concrete Industry of Indonesia, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. While numerous brands came and went, LeichtBric has maintained its commitment to service the industry with its wide array of products – AAC Blocks and Panels, and Wall & Floor Mortar.

This commitment is possible only because we have invested in large-scale and advanced machinery, the constant upgrading of our soft-infrastructure, and thereby delivering value in the supply chain which we have become an integral part of. It is with this firm and unbroken commitment that LeichtBric has forged its way to become the most recognised, accepted and referenced brand in the industry. Today LeichBric is present in several regional markets in the way best summed up in our Motto: “Committed to Quality Products and Added-Value Solutions:

30,000 m2 of output
per day

15 Years of

Product Range


Quality Manufacturing

AAC manufacturing has more than 100 years in the making, and there are hundreds of AAC factories all over the world. But using proprietary technology and acute manufacturing skills, PT Broco Aerated Concrete Industry makes its product LeichtBric a leader in the industry.

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Solutions with Value

All other AAC brands make big claims about their product. But they don’t actually have the documentary proof or practical experience in installation to back their claims.

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Regional Market

Our mission for the regional markets is a permanent and sustainable presence. Unlike other AAC brands who operate on short-term goals, LeichtBric remain committed to develop a life-long relationship with our Cliental in our regional markets.

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