Solutions with Value

  • Demonstrated Record
  • Installation know-how

All other AAC brands make big claims about their product. But they don’t actually have the documentary proof or practical experience in installation to back their claims.

In providing solutions to our Cliental, LeichtBric products come with a battery of certification and accreditation – issued by independent and respectable institutions. The material and physical properties of LeichtBric, and its performance as a built-up wall are attested and in compliance to various Standards; namely EN, SS, MS and BS, AS/NZS. In addition, LeichtBric is the only brand with double-green accreditation – the Green Label (Singapore Environment Council) and Green Certificate (Singapore Green Building Council).

On issue related to applications, LeichtBric works with reputable companies in the industry, including our brand-partner HILTI, to provide solutions in installation – from basic blockwork to wall finishing, including issues related to installation of 3rd party items (openings, mounting, concealment of services).

It is this “Full Package” service and know-how that makes LeichtBric a product that comes with practical solutions and value-addition.