LeichtPanel, our flagship product, is available up to 6 meters in length with a tight precision in dimensional tolerance. LeichtPanel is ideal for covering large and flat surface area with productivity of up to 50 m2 per man-day. Because it comes with steel reinforcement to BSEN Standard, each piece of LeichtPanel functions as a self-supporting lintel, providing consultants-and builders with more options and flexibility in wall design. In addition LeichtPanel comes uniquely with Double Tongue & Groove profile, offering double the protection against water ingress when installed as external wall facade.

Product Specification

Material Properties

Dry Density (BS EN 772-13)
550 to 700 kg / m3
Compressive (BS EN 772-1)≥3.5 N/mm2 (HDB @ ≥4.5N/mm2)
Flexural (BS EN 1351)≥1.0 N/mm2
Tolerance (BS EN 771-4)+/- 3.00 mm (length-wise) +/- 1.5mm (height / thickness)
Water Absorption (BS EN772-11)+/- 120 g/m2 x sec 0.5 (at 10 mins) , <23.5% (SS271)
Water Permeability (BS EN ISO 12572)+/- 3.655 x 10 -11 kg/m2sPa
Drying Shrinkage (BS EN 680)+/- 0.95 mm/m , <0.09% (SS271)
Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518)+/- 0.21 W/m.K
Mechanical Properties

Fire Rating (BS 476 Part 22:1987)
260 mins @ 100 mm (skim 4 mm both sides)
STC Acoustics (ASTM E90)39 dB @ 100 mm Bare Wall
43 dB @ 100 mm Bare Wall Skim 5 mm
48 dB @ 100 mm Bare Wall Plastered 15 mm
Impact & Stiffness (SS492:2001(2014)100 mm Wall - Severed Duty Passed
Anchorage (SS492:2001(2014)100 mm Wall, Pull Down – Passed
100 mm Wall, Pull Out – Passed
100 mm Wall, Heavy Cabinets – Up to 400 kg

Product Dimension

Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight per piece (kg)

Material Properties

 LeichtPanel AAC PanelsOther So-called
"lightweight" Panels
Material typeSteel Reinforced AAC Panels
Cement Fibre Sandwich Panels

Hollow Core Concrete Panels
+/- 120kg per piece+/- 250kg per piece
LengthMax 6000mmMax 3300mm
Custom cut at factory possibleStandard item no custom cut
Thickness75,100,125,150,175,200 mm75 mm and 100 mm only
Fire Rating Hour4H @ 100 mm2H @ 200 mm
Vertically InstalledWall Span up to 6m x 6mWall Span 6m x 3m
Panel length up to 6m - slab to slab, no stiffener neededPanel length up to 3m - stiffener at 3m height needed
Horizontally InstalledMax Height 10-12 m, (60m2)Horizontal laying not allowed. No Reinforcement Mesh
Each Panel 6m long. Panel on Panel as lintel on lintel
Productivity (m2/man-day)Up to 20-25 (vertical laying)Up to 15 (vertical laying only)
Up to 50 (horizontal laying)
Workers required2 person team, (vertical laying)Min 3 person team, (vertical laying)
3 person team, (horizontal laying)
Worksite safetyLightweight Density = Low RisksHigh Density = High Risks
Facade Finishing4-5 mm (smooth surface)10-12 mm (Rough Surface)


Vertical Laying

From slab to stiffener, length of each panel is up to 6 meters.

Horizontal Laying

From column to column, length of each panel is up to 6 meters.

Panels come in Tongue & Groove or Double Tongue & Groove for excellent water-ingress protection.

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